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Gym Chica is an international women’s sportswear collection that was founded in Belgium. Francesca, the owner and designer, has dedicated three years of research to ensure that Gym Chica’s products are not only comfortable and chic, but are also environmentally friendly.


As a small business, it is important for all their customers to be aware of their belief in slow fashion, otherwise known as slow production. This is to guarantee quality and longevity within all their products because every piece is unique!



Gym Chica products are made of cotton as well as a recyclable, ecofriendly fiber called Tencel. Tencel is made of wood cellulose, and when mixed with cotton it forms into a wrinkle resistant fabric which would feel like silk!


Gym Chica offers a variety of products and fabrics within their ‘Line’ collection including sweaters, leggings, bags, headbands, and a featured product called “baby gym”.


Their ‘Basic’ collection highlights apparel that would complement an everyday look allowing customers to feel cozy while wearing a stylish piece.  


We offer several collections / lines of basics, leggings, gym sets, sweaters, caps, baby gym and beauty products. We work with the seasons, so occasionally you'll find some items offered only in the season.

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